10 decisions that count

The average person has to make 10 good decisions in their life. These 10 decisions ultimately determine how happy you are and how wealthy you become. Here they are

  1. Most people don’t make big decisions before the age of 18. The first big life decision you’ll face is around education. Go to college? Skip it? Which school? What to study? Get this right, you’re off to a good start.
  2. The second big decision is around what industry or market you focus on. As the saying goes – good team meets bad market, the market wins. Bad team meets good market, the market wins. Pick correctly here and you’ll have a lifelong tailwind propelling you forward.
  3. The third big life decision you will face is what role you will ultimately pursue. This is a combination of your responsibilities, your risk tolerance, who you work with, and who you work for. Pick the wrong role and you’ll be unhappy & won’t acquire wealth.
  4. The fourth big life decision you will face is who you decide to marry. This is your life partner. You’ll spend more time with them than almost anyone else. Pick correctly and you’ll always be happy. Pick incorrectly and you’re destined for a life of misery.
  5. The fifth big life decision is around children. Do you have kids? How many? When? With who? Children are dependent on you. They’ll dictate how you spend your time, money, and energy. Do it right and it is incredibly rewarding. Know what you’re optimizing for.
  6. The sixth big life decision is where you live. Location determines so much about our lives. Who you spend time with, what activities you do frequently, what food you eat, and where your kids go to school. The place you choose is the lifestyle you choose.
  7. The seventh big life decision is how you invest your money. Do this right and you’ll live a life of financial security. There is immense peace of mind that comes from knowing you and your family will always have a roof, food, and basic needs. There is happiness in security.
  8. The eighth big life decision is what you teach your children. Raise kids with good ethics, morals, and values. They’ll bring you less stress over time and more happiness. Good content goes in, good product comes out. The opposite is true too.
  9. The ninth big life decision you will make is how you will help others. This is a psychological trick to ensure happiness. Don’t help others and you’ll live a life of guilt and shame. Kindness is free. Choose to be a net giver & you’ll eternally be happy. Big life hack here.
  10. The tenth big life decision is a culmination of many small decisions known as regret minimization. Live your life saying yes to everything you want to do. Optimize for no regrets. Lack of happiness stems from jealousy, envy, or the fear of missing out. Do dope shit.
  11. Everyone lives a different life. We are all optimizing for different things. There are thousands of decisions in a single lifetime. Most decisions are reversible and can be overcome if you make a mistake. Get these 10 big ones right though. You’ll be happy & wealthy.

Source – Anthony Pompliano

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