Digital (web, mobile) startup founder. Project, product and team manager & leader. I’am writing from Warsaw with ❤️ since being born in 1990.

I like to write, but writing does not reciprocate my feelings. This blog is my place for thoughts (like Management manifesto or My principles) that I think will be helpful for others.

I’m open to consultancies or gigs. My experience and skills can help you or your organisations with:

  • Figuring out the right next steps with your startup or project based on battle-proven Customer Development and Lean Startup methodologies.
  • Estimating costs, time and scope for launching prototype or MVP, which will help you kickstart your business.
  • Managing product development from the very beginning (problem-solution fit & discovery), through delivery (product-market fit, tech debt management) to scaling (organization changes, professional Kanban or Scrum).
  • Helping with recruitment, crafting the healthy culture, and building a self-sufficient multidisciplinary digital team based in Poland

My Twitter, and my LinkedIn. Feel free to email me – p at durlej dot me