50+ Best Apps

This is small list of cases of usage and software/app name that I recommend to solve this problem. Hardware and OS is easy for me – MacBook Pro with Mac OS is way to go. If you like other OS I suggest looking for Sony Vaio or Lenovo ThinkPad. All choices and sugestions are subjective and be aware that our „app tastes” might not be the same. If there are „Webapp” after soft name this means that you must register to use this app. Clear? Let’s get it started.

Basic tier. Best in their categories. You should use this soft if you have a Mac.

  1. Best browser with full battery. Google Chrome.
  2. Best browser without full battery. Safari.
  3. Mail client. Sparrow.
  4. Organizing your virtual stuff. Evernote. Webapp.
  5. Save and consume web content for later. Pocket. Webapp.
  6. Typing somethig fast. Evernote Tray Icon or TextEdit. Webapp.
  7. Dumping your thoughts on paper. Evernote or Simplenote. Webapps.
  8. Writting official document. Word for Mac 2011.
  9. Spreedsheet. Exel for Mac 2011.
  10. Virtual disk space for your fragile data. Dropbox. Webapp.
  11. Virtual disk space for big files and not so fragile data. Copy. Webapp.
  12. Share files painlessly. CloudApp. Webapp.
  13. Video talks 1-1. Skype.
  14. Video talks more than 1-1. Google Hangouts – web browser addon. Webapps.

Work. Apps that I use when I need get things done.

  1. Task and workflow management. OmniFocus 2. To use websync you need to regeister.
  2. Calendar that you will like. Fantastical.
  3. Editing images/”Paint for Mac”. Skitch from Evernote. Webapp.
  4. Focus on one thing. Quiet.
  5. Try to manage your time. Pomodoro Timer.
  6. Presentations. Keynote.

Play and Social. Fun and Social Media related software.

  1. Music. Spotify. Webapps.
  2. Twitter. Tweetbot. Webapps.
  3. Facebook. Astro. Webapps.
  4. Video. VLC.
  5. Torrents. Transmission.
  6. Games. SteamGOG Galaxy. Webapps.

Advanced. If you want have something more. Apps that are solving problems that aren’t so painfull for regular user.

  1. Private data (passwords, data and files) management. 1 Password.
  2. VPN Client. Viscosity. Need to buy VPN server.
  3. Battery control for MacBooks. FruitJuice.
  4. Journaling and saving memories. Day One.
  5. Clean your Mac HDD/SSD. CleanMyMac 2.
  6. Desktop files management. SaneDesk 2.
  7. Fans management for MacBooks. smcFanControll.
  8. Using Mac late without sleep problems. Flux.
  9. Allways on Mac screen without nervously touching touchpad. Caffeine.
  10. Manage your Mac OS top bar icons. Bartender.
  11. Apps windows layout made easy. Moom.
  12. Never lost your cmd+c content. JumpCut.
  13. Move files without flustration. DragonDrop.
  14. Visualize files on your HDD/SSD. DaisyDisk.

Expert. Some very specific pieces of soft that for most people are not so interesting and useful.

  1. Save your bookmarks clever way. Pinboard. Webapp.
  2. Reddit like a pro. Reddit Enhacement Suite. Webapp.
  3. Facebook like a hacker. Sofial Fixer for Facebook. Webapp.
  4. Encript data that you send. HTTPS Everywhere.
  5. Jira and Github client. Bee. Webapp – Atlissian Jira or Github needed.
  6. Sligly better Finder. TotalFinder.

Extra: Google Chrome Addons.

  1. Private data (passwords, data and files) management. 1 Password Addon.
  2. No ads. AdBlock.
  3. Save website content. Clearly from Evernote.
  4. Surf without beeing tracked. Desconnect & Ghostery.
  5. Search without beeing tracked. Disconnect Search.
  6. No flash. FlashBlock.
  7. Surf as US/UK citizen. Hola Better Internet.
  8. Welcome screen with great photos everyday. Momentum.
  9. Facebook without seeing feed. News Feed Eradicator for Facebook.
  10. Declutter and save your open tabs. OneTab.
  11. Save content for later. Save to Pocket. Webapps.
  12. Buffering YouTube videos settings. SmartVideo For YouTube.
  13. Read text faster. Spreed – speed read the web.

Hope that you find this list useful. Maybe someday I will link all this stuff.

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