My principles

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The list is in order from the most essential. I hope it will help you understand know how I view the world, and maybe it will inspire you to use some of the fruits of my 3234-year-old journey.

  1. Love beats it all #life
  2. Never act like an asshole #people
  3. You never know what somebody is going through. Be kind. #people
    • „Compete with yourself—not with others. There will always be someone with more.” – Julian Shapiro
  4. Your decision process is the most important thing you own. Understand, nurture & improve it. #resources
  5. Allways look forward and never stop looking for opportunities. #mindset
  6. In the end, only people matter. You have less time than you think #resources #people
  7. You are really dead when you stop being curious. Never stop growing (grow mindset > fixed mindset) #mindset
  8. Own risks, challenges and growth of your people #mindset
  9. Working smarter is better than working harder #mindset
    • „You can be twice as rich by deciding you need half as much.” – Sahil Lavingia
  10. People make mistakes. Help them to fix and learn together from them #people
  11. Done now is better than ideally prepared tomorrow #life
    • „Today instead of tomorrow. Moving fast compounds so much more than people realize” – Sam Altman
  12. Learn until you feel confident, and then try to challenge yourself. If you are afraid, you are not ready #life
  13. You can’t do it all now. Respect restraints (time & focus) while appreciating the possibilities #resources
  14. If you can buy your time through better tools or processes, do it #life
  15. Invest in things and people who you spend the most time with #resources
    • Does the amount of attention I’m giving this match its importance?” – James Clear
  16. Garbage in, garbage out rule works everywhere #resources
  17. Analyse your decision process to understand yourself better. #resources
  18. Discipline, inspiration, whatever – consistency is the real root cause of success #life
  19. Only a long game is worthwhile #life
    • There is no value in winning when the game doesn’t matter to you.” – Julian Shapiro
  20. You have one life and a limited amount of time, so don’t do things which hurt your integrity #resources
  21. Timing is everything. Don’t force things – observe and prepare. #resources #mindset
  22. Don’t lie to yourself through outsourcing understanding #life
  23. Always know why you are in & know when to go out #mindset
  24. Noblesse oblige #mindset
  25. There will never be enough time – prioritize and own farewells to things & people #resources
  26. The ultimate hack is that mindfulness slows the perception of time and helps you live your life to the fullest #resources
  27. Write to not forget #life
  28. You are tougher than you think #life
  29. You don’t know the future, so the only sane thing is to diversify #resources
  30. If you are afraid of something important, force yourself into doing it right now. The compound interest of procrastinating is often higher than being wrong #mindset
  31. You see reality, through your past experiances. This can be a good and a bad thing #life
  32. Minimalise cost of cordination & cost of maitenance #resouces
    • „Most hard work is a form of laziness. The real hard work is in finding a way to make it easy.” – James Pierce
  33. Harness your anxiety to be as productive as it is possible, source #mindset
  34. Don’t be too serious during the meetings. Life is too short, so you need to enjoy & have fun in all parts of it #mindset
  35. Persist. Elapse. Enjoy #mindset

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