Ask for stories, not advice

Ask for stories, not advice. Every piece of advice has a more memorable and interesting story behind it. […] Slowly, I learned to find the story behind every lesson. […] When someone starts giving you generic advice, ask them for the real story behind it. Then, you can decide if the advice is relevant to you.… Continue reading Ask for stories, not advice

How to win employees over Google or Facebook?

As a young company there is no reasonable way to economically “out bid” Google or Facebook. So don’t try. […] In my mind the only way to successful recruit & retain awesome people is if they belief in the people (ie founders), the mission, the product…..and most often the company culture. Source.


2010: The Social Network: The Movie. Startups are sexy. 2011: The Lean Startup. Startups are possible to make. 2012: Facebook IPO. Startups can provide a lot of $$$. 2013: Occulus Rift. Hardware startups are game changing. 2014: ?