Creating a product in the age of oversaturation

Today creating a fully-fledged product is a huge investment. Good developers are expensive thanks to overpaying tech-companies, and reaching out to customers (Facebook Ads costs growth, internet ad blindness) is as expensive as ever. Have in mind that the internet is much more mature than a few years ago and it will be harder to create a 10x better or addressing the unsolved problem is hard.

So what to do if you want to start a new internet business? You need to cut the costs and do cheap spray-and-pray strategy until one of your project sticks. Of course, do it with smart Customer Development approach.

This is why in the last couple of years there is a rise of „side project” startups – small solutions, with a minimal amount of tech included which solves very specific problems. One of the biggest advocates of them is a founder of Product Hunt, Ryan Hoover, who even started a Weekend Fund which focuses on investing in this type of projects.

This, of course, is an ironic tweet, but it shows the approach.

So if you are dreaming about creating something, let know your loved that you will be out for a weekend, and spend this two days to create something using „No Code” tools Ryan listed in his blog post.

Maybe something you create will be lovable enough that it will be worth to invest in it more. If not, it will be just two days you spend on learning useful skills. It is a win-win scenario in my book.

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