Najciekawsze odpowiedzi Elona Muska z Redditowego AMA

Elon Musk kilkanaście godzin temu popełnił Reditowe Ask Me Anything  (ograniczona w czasie publiczna sesja pytań i odpowiedzi). Poniżej zamieszczam, w orginale, najciekawsze według mnie pytania i/lub odpowiedzi. Źródło. #1. #2. #3. #4. #5. #6. #7. #8. #9. #10.

Successful entrepreneur traits

Entrepreneurs who change the world aren’t self-made. They’re just … Born at the right time, when large world-wide patterns are changing Passionate about one of these world-changing pattern Able to create or raise capital Happy to take risks Source. From my part… Know (learned in past) English. Something obvious for US Citizens but not for… Continue reading Successful entrepreneur traits

Ask for stories, not advice

Ask for stories, not advice. Every piece of advice has a more memorable and interesting story behind it. […] Slowly, I learned to find the story behind every lesson. […] When someone starts giving you generic advice, ask them for the real story behind it. Then, you can decide if the advice is relevant to you.… Continue reading Ask for stories, not advice