tl;dr – How to Start a Startup: Week 1

My personal tl;dr version of great class about (guess what?) startups.

  1. Advice for Ambitious 19 year olds – „Work in a proven startup and learn. Whatever you are doing – build stuff and be around smart people
  2. Good and Bad Reasons to Become an Enterpreneur – „Start your startup only if you have to do it or the world needs you to do it
  3. Lecture – Welcome, and Ideas, Products, Teams and Execution Part I – Sam Altman, Dustin Moskowitz  – „Startup’s 4 main parts are: idea, product, team and execution. Startups are different from regular companies. To be a founder you need to be extremely enduring and prepared for the most exhausting time of your life. To be that type of person you need to be passionate about the problem that you are solving and belive that you must solve this problem and change the world”
  4. Stupid Apps and Changing the World – „Something that is perceived as a toy might be the first step to changing the world so don’t be afraid of building something small
  5. Do things that Don’t Scale  – „Founders doing something manualy is an optimal way of getting shit done in early-stage startups. Doing it this way may give you priceless insights about your startup”
  6. Lecture – Welcome, and Ideas, Products, Teams and Execution Part II – Sam Altman – „Execution is where most value and uncernaity is. Growth, growth, growth, growth is all you need.”

Special thanks Michał Krajewski for proofreading.

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