Kickstarter case. 400% founded

Most important details from people behind this campaign.

  • Pitch about „style” not only product.
  • Video 2-3 minutes
  • 30 day to make backing urgent
  • “if a company reaches 30% of there goal in the first week they have a 70% chance for success”
  • If possible target in amount of money that you are safe make in ~48h
  • Social media hype:
    • prepare few months earlier,
    • have audience to ensure social proof,
    • hype 2-3 weeks before,
    • give discounts for earliest fans
  • Nice hack! For screanshot of shared post about Kickstarter campain on Facebook/Twitter they gave bonus (extra strap) to the sharing customer. Boosted sales.
  • Updates aim for humanize people behind the project. Release when 50%, 100%, 200%? of funding is raised.
  • Early bird rewards are very important to get thing going.
  • Facebook ad campaign are worth trying.
  • From comments – biggest missed opportiunity? Not hiring professional PR company.


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