Why does Israel dare when Poland is afraid

Great Synagogue in Warsaw
Wielka Synagoga w Warszawie / Great Synagogue in Warsaw. Destroyed by Nazis in 1943. Source: Wikipedia.

„To understand this cultural nuance better, there are a few words in the Hebrew language that best encapsulate the pioneering Israeli spirit. The first of these is “chutzpah.” Defined loosely as “gall, brazen nerve, effrontery, incredible ‘guts’”—such directness might be jarring and downright off-putting at first, but when it comes to doing business—this proactive, can-do attitude no doubt achieves bolder, and often greater results. Embracing a spirit of chutzpah, along with ‘bitzu’ism’ (which roughly translates to mentality of „just getting things done”) and ‘davka’ (which means pride in spite of adversity, as if to say – „The more they attack us, the more we will succeed”), come together to form a unique blend of audacity, creativity, and drive that underlies the very foundation of Israeli entrepreneurship.” Source.

„The Polish word hucpa (pronounced [ˈxut͜spa]) is also derived from this term, although its meaning is closer to 'insolence’ or 'arrogance’, and so it is typically used in a more negative sense instead of denoting a positive description of someone’s audacity.Source.

We, as a society, did what Peter Thiel asked Airbnb explicitly not to do. Bravo /s.

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